Quinton_Cooper Quinton Cooper, Stylemaster Homes
Quinton has worked as BIM Manager on large commercial and institutional projects using both ARCHICAD and REVIT for the past 10 years. Currently the dedicated ARCHICAD Manager for Stylemaster Homes in QLD, he has also been responsible for introducing ARCHICAD and BIM to many design firms and has provided ARCHICAD training to 100s of users across Australia. Quinton has also worked on the software development side of the industry as a senior technician for GRAPHISOFT, providing support to many of Australia’s largest Architectural and Building companies and remains an active beta tester to this day. Quinton is also a tragic film buff who cannot avoid placing hidden film references into every training session he delivers, try as he might to resist.
Lachlan_Green Lachlan Green, Fulton Trotter Architects
Lachlan Green is a recent registered Architect and an ARCHICAD user for the past 9 years. Starting as a student in a small home office using 2D workflows and an underutilised licence of ARCHICAD, Lachlan quickly realised the advantages of 3D workflows. Determined to achieve faster, easier and more accurate workflows, Lachlan began self-directed ARCHICAD training. Progressively each project was pushed further until all documentation was generated in ARCHICAD with live sections, elevations and interactive door & window schedules. Seeking ways to further improve results Lachlan began experimenting with GDL.In 2012, Lachlan joined Fulton Trotter Architects, a multi-award winning innovative architectural practice with offices in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia. He has been responsible for the development of a suite of labels to realise the practices desire for coordinated documentation. This has resulted in 90% of text documentation being derived directly from the model itself.
  Nathan Hildebrandt, Fulton Trotter Architects
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Rob_Jackson Rob Jackson, Bond Bryan Digital
Rob is a qualified Architect and has delivered projects in the Education and Advanced Manufacturing sectors.His significant project experience and passion for technology resulted in his selection for a number of special projects for Bond Bryan including the development of the quality systems and office intranet facility.  This work then led to him helping to establish Bond Bryan’s Digital brand.He speaks at both national and international events as a passionate advocate of an OPEN BIM approach, exploring the sharing of data between different software packages via the “IFC” open format and promoting industry wide standards that enable full collaboration between different parties.He chairs the sub-committee for the AEC (UK) BIM Technology Protocols for GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD, is a member of the buildingSMART UK’s Technical Group, an ambassador for thinkBIM at Leeds Beckett University, tweets as @bondbryanBIM and also writes our BIM Blog.
Matthew_Johnson Matthew Johnson, POWE Architects
Matthew has spent the last 16 years researching and applying the methods and strategies of integrated building information modelling techniques within a growing architectural practice in South-east Queensland. With OPENBIM technology now reaching maturity, his focus is now in working with other design and procurement consultants to deliver coordinated design outcomes for built projects through a cooperative model based environment. Matthew firmly believes that the key to leveraging BIM as a technology lies in understanding the processes of interaction we use as design professionals.
Gideon_Taljaard Gideon Taljaard, Plus Architecture
Gideon Taljaard is the BIM/ARCHICAD Manager at Plus Architecture. From 2000 to 2012 he worked for the ARCHICAD reseller in South Africa, and from 2013 to 2015 for the ARCHICAD reseller in Australia. He has 20 years’ experience using ARCHICAD starting with ARCHICAD 4.5.
 Andrew_Zarb Andrew Zarb, Sunshine Coast Council
Andrew Zarb is the 3D project officer at Sunshine Coast Council.  His expertise was relied on in the creation of a complete 3D computer model of the Sunshine Coast and its implementation across multiple business units.  His 3D modelling has aided decision makers, providing certainty, guided strategic thinking, visualising potential future scenarios and is commonly used to test development applications and identify and understand related impacts.

Andrew’s twenty five years’ experience with ArchiCAD, and 3D computer graphics combine with an inquisitive, solution based, mindset to find innovative and useful ways to answer questions in a variety of applications. Andrew has developed workflows to combine BIM, GIS and an extensive catalogue of data.  In achieving these outcomes he has navigated around various incompatibilities and developed workarounds to maximise efficiency in applications which ultimately benefit the public.