Please find below the speaker materials for ARCHICON 2016. These conference materials are available for download to those who attended a 2016 RTC Event.

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Conference Materials

Tips & Tricks
CPD Form
1.2ChrisRazzellARCHICON Introduction, dRofus+ARCHICON----
1.3QuitonCooper101 Master TemplatesArchiCAD, Architecture, General ( multi-disciplines)-
1.4GideonTaljaardOut of the Box Cinema 4D Rendering Workflows from ARCHICADCoding, Content and Customisation, BIM--
1.5LachlanGreenMobilise with BIMx ProArchiCAD, Architecture, General ( multi-disciplines)----
2.1AndrewZarbBuilt Environment Simulation for the Purpose of Development Assessment---
2.2MatthewJohnsonMeasuring Up Your ARCHICAD Data--
2.3RobJacksonIFC Live!ArchiCAD, BIM, General ( multi-disciplines)-
2.4NathanHildebrandtModel Validation, is your BIM right?BIM, Architecture, General ( multi-disciplines)-
2.5NathanHildebrandtPanel Discussion: Delivering OPENBIM Success & ARCHICON Closing Remarks---